WhatsApp Web – How to use Whatsapp Web on Desktop PC?

Whatsapp isn’t simply a mobile app anymore. It allows you to use WhatsApp on Mac, Windows, iPad, and Android tablets. Using WhatsApp Web on any of these devices is quite simple, and you can even use it without a phone.

WhatsApp Web is a mirror of its smartphone counterpart. To use WhatsApp Web, you must have your iPhone or Android phone nearby. If your phone is off or far away from your computer, we’ll explain how to utilize WhatsApp Web.

In order to understand WhatsApp Web, you need to grasp a few key aspects. Continue reading to learn how to utilize Whatsapp web on PC.

What Is Whatsapp Web?

Messenger & WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging service, is one of the most popular online international communication systems on the globe.

It comes with more than one billion users worldwide. Whatsapp web is a browser version of WhatsApp Messenger for iOS and AndroidWhatsApp Web allows users to chat and make video/voice calls using the popular messaging program.

Downloadable system apps for Mac and Windows or the ability to use WhatsApp straight from the browser are the two options for desktop WhatsApp.

This means you can access chats on any device, no matter where they were begun.

Why Use Whatsapp Web?

WhatsApp’s browser and desktop applications make it easy to stay on top of all your communications throughout the day.

They’re pretty similar to your WhatsApp smartphone app. The online version and desktop software for macOS and Windows function in a similar fashion.

As with the phone app, you will send and receive messages from the Google Chrome browser. This means that all communications, including text and photos, will be available on your mobile device, too!

As a result, you may now get desktop notifications with or without sound. If you don’t want to be bothered during work, you may switch off the alerts for a particular length of time, whether it’s an hour, a day, or a week.

WhatsApp web is an extension of your smartphone’s capabilities. On your PC or Mac, you can see and reply to all the chats you’ve had on WhatsApp on your phone, using the computer’s keyboard instead of the one on your smartphone.

Without taking your smartphone out of your pocket, you can see exactly what’s happening in your WhatsApp world while working on a Word project or sending an email.

How do they work?

You must first scan a QR code with your mobile phone in order to access your messages and conversations in the applications’ first version. Your phone can then be placed in your desk drawer or pocket and forgotten about.

Any new messages will be delivered, and you may start new chats or search your existing ones. Access to your profile, basic settings, and any archived discussions will also be available.

When it comes to settings, these applications don’t offer the same capability as the smartphone app. However, responding to messages and initiating new chats is just as easy on a computer.

Key Features of Whatsapp Web

Sending messages

WhatsApp Web is as easy to use as the smartphone app, and the UI will appear familiar. To deliver a message from your pc, click on an existing conversation or click on the New chat button and pick the contact you desire to connect with.

Here, you may see past talks if they are stored, or alternately you know the message bar at the bottom. Click on the Enter a message bar and start conversing. When you’re done with your message, press the Enter key on your keyboard to send — or click on the Send icon.

Desktop video calling 

Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has unveiled intriguing new plans to integrate desktop videoconferencing into its online interface. Each call will be limited to a maximum of 50 people.

These initiatives will make WhatsApp an efficient alternative to Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet, giving an incredible convenience to WhatsApp users throughout the world.

Unfortunately, the beta version of this functionality has not yet been published. Thus users cannot take advantage of it just yet. In the mobile app, you can also set up a group video chat.

Very Reliable Platform

You may rely on WhatsApp with great ease. Spending money on a massage for someone you care about is unnecessary. It is entirely free. A hacker or an invader cannot obstruct your experience in any way. The platform is much easier than other ordinary messaging apps. WhatsApp Web offers an SMS-free environment.

Simple App to Browse

WhatsApp is known for its simplicity. The basis of the program was created in an immediate and user-friendly environment. So that everyone may utilize the platform, no matter whom they are or where they come from. With it, any person of any age may communicate. They are meant to serve a wide range of individuals.

It Offers Excellent Group Chat 

Create your group and access a chat room. The most attractive feature is if you need to connect with your workplace or your family. They’ll be able to see your life through talking, videos, images, and emoticons. In a group, 256 members can be added at once. Doesn’t that seem like a masterpiece?

Communication without barriers

Aside from phone and video calls, you don’t need to pay a cent to communicate. On WhatsApp Web, clear face-to-face communication is possible for free. There is no need to establish up a connection to the internet. You may connect with individuals from any country. Don’t waste your money on costly phone calls and SMS messages.

Protected Web App

Your personal information and moments will be shared on the chat platform. In WhatsApp Web, encryption is built-in.

How To Use WhatsappWeb On Desktop

WhatsApp is mainly used on mobile phones. Eventually, though, you’ll need to install WhatsApp on your PC if you want to gather information or transmit files and pictures.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Click on the search box on your browser to find WhatsApp on your PC. Whatsapp web is available at https://web.whatsapp.com/, as seen here.

Whatsapp Web URL

Step 2: Next, you will be sent to the site page of WhatsApp. To make it easier for you to understand, we’ve included a screenshot of this WhatsApp page.

Whatsapp Web login qr code interface

Step 3: As you can see, there are three instructions and a video to help you understand how to use WhatsApp online on your desktop or laptop.

WhatsApp Web

We offer you instructions without them. Now you go to your Android phone and open Whatsapp.

Step 4: After you’ve clicked on the WhatsApp icon, the WhatsApp page appears on your phone. On the right side and above this page, you can now see a three-dotted point. Select the three-dot option. We’ve included a diagram for your convenience.

Whatsapp Web three dot menu icon

Step 5: After selecting this three-dot option, you will be presented with a chart containing many alternatives. You now choose the Linked devices option.

Step 6: After selecting the WhatsApp online option, you will be sent to a screen with Link A Device. Now, click on the possibility that we highlighted.

Whatsapp Web Link a device

Step 7: And then you’ll see a format that is called scan QR code. In this case, and you must click on the ok button that we indicated for your comprehension.

Scan for ok button

Step 8: Scanning the QR code stated in step 2′ now. The picture is seen below.

Scan QR code

Step 9: Following the scanning of the QR code. You can view WhatsApp’s PC mode. We’ve included a picture below.

Whatsapp web home page interface

You may use WhatsApp online on your PC by following these steps. Have fun with your messaging platform.

How to logout from WhatsApp Web?

Once you are done using WhatsApp Web, you may want to logout from WhatsApp because it is not safe to have your WhatsApp Account opened on the PC when you are not using it. You can follow this guide to learn how to logout from WhatsApp Web.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the Settings Icon (gear icon at the bottom-right side of the screen)
  3. Tap on WhatsApp Web/Desktop.
  4. It will show all the active sessions there. Scroll and tap on Log out from all devices.
  5. Confirm by tapping on Log Out.
  6. You have now logged out from all the active sessions.

Alternatively you can directly logout from Web simply clicking on Menu icon  (3 dots at the upper-left side of the screen) > Log out.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of WhatsappWeb


  • Anyone can use it since it is simple to use.
  • You may send files as well as other types of media.
  • It runs quicker on a computer.
  • It can increase your productivity.
  • You don’t have to waste time on your phone while working on your computer.
  • WhatsApp Web supports multiple accounts.



  • When you connect to WhatsApp Web, you must also connect to WhatsApp on your phone.
  • WhatsApp Web is not browser-compatible.
  • If anybody gains access to your phone, they will also have access to your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Web vs. WhatsApp App

Whatsapp WebWhatsapp App
Whatsapp Web is a web-based platform for the WhatsApp messaging app.WhatsApp is a free messaging program for smartphones and computers.
To gain access to your WhatsApp account, all you need is the WhatsApp Web page and a QR code.The setup file for an app must be downloaded and installed.
Memory used: 260-300MB in Microsoft Edge.Memory used: 210-260MB.
User interface is almost the same as Whatsapp appUser-friendly interface
The major keyboard shortcuts are not supported in the web version.It has keyboard shortcuts


  • How is the functionality or design of WhatsApp web?

Answer: Design-wise, Whatsapp Web and Whatsapp Desktop have a very similar look. They also offer the same functionality and chatting experience. In both interfaces, buttons, tools, toggles, and icons are placed identically.

  • Is WhatsApp app better than WhatsApp Web?

Answer: If we compare both, then we can see some similarities. But in the case of features and shortcuts, the WhatsApp app is better.

  • How long does WhatsApp Web Stay logged in?

Answer: How long does WhatsApp Web stay connected to a device or service? After 30 minutes of inactivity, WhatsApp Web will automatically lock you out. A box beneath the QR code reads “keep me logged in” when you sign in to WhatsApp Web. So long as WhatsApp is running on your phone, you’ll be able to use the service.

  • Can WhatsApp web be tracked?

Answer: The origin of a WhatsApp message cannot be traced back to its original sender. An account on WhatsApp is tied to both a phone number and the internet, not a device.

  • How can I check the browsing history of my WhatsApp?

Answer: Google’s “Online & App Activity” option includes both app and web activity. Your Android phone’s history of applications and Google searches will be displayed if you click on that icon.

Final Thought

Finally, we are confident that you should gain access to your WhatsApp account using WhatsApp Web. You need simply to be patient and go with our directions. So, enjoy socialising and become engaged with your buddy and family.

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